Go Caricatures
At Go Caricatures I offer 4 different Caricature styles to chose from. These are:

Caricature Standard

iPad Cartoon Caricatures

Caricature Portrait

Caricature to the Max

Within these styles are also sub-divisions based on either Colour or Pencil, Charcoal or Black Ink Line.

For each style and division I have set up different Albums for you to view.

One thing to note is that within all styles I offer a choice

between a simple “Head & Shoulders” or a full figure “Head & Body”.

When choosing a Head & Body in any style you can nominate any Activity. I have done everything from surfing to shopping to walking the plank! Let me know your ideas. Need some help with a Theme? Check out my Theme List.

No activity is outside the range of possibility.

Have a look at all the Style Variations at Go Albums.


What you should know


Some Examples:

To See more: Go Albums

From Left to right:

  1. 1.Caricature Standard, H&S, Colour

  2. 2.Caricature Standard, H&S, Pencil

  3. 3.Caricature Portrait, H&S, Pencil

  4. 4.Caricature to Max, H&B, Color