Go Caricatures                                            By Jim Frisino

Although the above is the standard definition of the word “caricature”, there are many interpretations of how this is applied. I offer four basic caricature styles that I have found serve most clients:

        Caricature Standard

        iPad Cartoon Caricatures NEW!!!

        Caricature Portrait

        Caricature to the Max


     (See descriptions of each below as well as on CARICATURES page)

    TO DO your caricature all I need is a photo, your style selection and a reasonable deposit or full payment (if you prefer). Upon completion of the artwork I’ll email you an image of it, you then complete final payment and I mail you your caricature. Too easy! Note: iPad Cartoons can be sent directly as emails for you to print yourself or use digitally, or I can make a print and post. Next: read TO BEGIN below.

    EVENT HIRE: Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties etc are a few of the types of events for which I have been hired to do caricatures. These are arranged by Contacting me, a fee is set based on how many hours I’ll be working, the number of people attending, location etc. I’ve done up to 60 people in an evening doing traditional quick caricatures on paper. Now with the iPad there are additional options, firstly because the medium can be quick but also there are new possibilities such as live screening direct from my iPad, live slideshows running as drawings are completed, post event uploading of all drawings to a designated website or my Facebook album of the event. A Brave New World of caricaturing!      

   TO BEGIN I recommend you review below the Style options which are also described in further depth on the CARICATURES page. Then view the ALBUMS for examples of Style options. Next review the PRICE LISTINGS. I can be CONTACTED for any further questions to discuss your Caricature ORDER.

    Caricature Standard follows the traditional definition of a caricature and is humorous but not necessarily grotesque. I favor a more friendly, kinder, playful interpretation. Prices start at only $25.

    Go Goes Digital - NEW iPad Cartoon Caricatures. Enter the Brave New World of drawing with an iPad! A wild and slightly out of control ride on a sheet of glass called the touch screen. Gives a very spontaneous and playful effect that is totally unique to this mischievous medium. $20 and up.

    Caricature Portrait strives to be more natural; a near semi-portrait while maintaining some caricature features.

    Caricature to the Max takes either of the above traditional styles and pushes it all the way to the Max with personalized developed themes.



“Cartoon, parody, satire, lampoon, burlesque; informal sendup, takeoff.”

I do other artwork as well; I can do full portraits in both traditional and modern styles, as well as logos, murals, cartoons, conceptual illustrations, web and graphic design etc. See my other site:


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